Yoyo Appraisal Thread II

G5 gold edition 1 of 80
Mint cond
What they go for?


@basicboy probably around $100

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Recently scooped a MIB never throw Unknown OG Kuntosh from 2016 was told by Brian F. Its a 1 of 20. Can anyone help with a value? Pic for reference below.
Thanks yall :slightly_smiling_face::pray:



A mint one with anti-yo SE sold almost 2 years ago (I tried to buy it but was too slow) for 250 bucks.

The BST has slowed down a ton in the past 2 years, but I feel like 200 would be a fair value (considering yours wouldn’t come with anti-yo SE). Idk if it would actually sell for 200 because of how slow the BST is now, but I do think that’d be a fair asking price considering normal Kuntoshes seem capable of hitting 100 even in this super slow BST environment.

I think how much you could get really just depends on if somebody is actively looking for one. If somebody was actively seeking out one of these they’d probably be willing to drop even more than 200.

Unknown stuff fluctuates heavily in value because it seems like people who don’t actively collect or have interest in them never seem to be willing to pay much extra for what’s basically solid black anodization with a slightly different engraving.

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If no damage, this Bape could range 500-650, also take into account it also comes with anti-yo SE so the price is reasonable.
The recently sold one on Ebay or Mercari (US or JP, which I don’t surely remember) is within the range mentioned

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Need a little help pricing two items out if anyone can help.

I’ve got a mint in box peach Banshee 22

And a Covenant but I don’t know if it’s an Al6 or Al7 with one pinprick and a flat spot and no box, just the shell insert.

Please and thank you!


I’d like some help pricing this nickel-plated One Drop Markmont Next. It’s in excellent condition with the exception of a few very minor pinpricks and hairline scratches.


I would say you can get 3-400 on this one imo. I might wrong just for a reference tho😉


just bought one for $350 in the same condition . i thought it was fair.


Jeez that’s what they go for now? Nuts.


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