Hey Everyone, Guys and Gals. How Are you doing this fine evening??
Anyways lets get straight to the point… I created at YouTube channel quite awhile back. And Now My Fiancé joins me in that effort. I would like to produce videos weekly if possible. Whether it is about yoyos, kendamas, can even be juggling… But I would love to hear some feedback from you guys… What would you guys like to see us do on youtube, what can we do to bring in more viewers. Any tips and hints would be extremely helpful… Otherwise we will just make videos of randomness stuff, and Hope everyone will enjoy. Thank You… check out what we have so far at and again, We would greatly appreciate your comments and feedback. and things you would like to see us do or discuss about things… PLease let me know… THANK YOU…

                     - Colby and Carly.

Best advice: do a trial run of stuff that YOU would like to do not anyone else, cause then it wouldn;t be enjoyable for you. Also in order to get traction just makes sure you release it to the masses, not just YYE. Good luck!

Thanks Abby… I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.

Subbed on both my channels. I’d be glad to watch whatever you want to put out there man. Maybe a progression video every few weeks?

That sounds good. I will definitely have to do that… Not only will you see me progressing, but you’ll see my fiancé progress as well. Lately I haven’t had much time to progress as I am trying to start up a yoyo apparel and accessories company. and Then of course Dialysis takes up part of my day, but that wont stop me from getting better. I’ll let you guys when a new video has been put up. If everything goes as plan, I’ll have string for sale by next weekend as well as a new video on youtube. If you guys have any ideas, be sure to throw em at me and I’ll do my best to make it on video.