Your thoughts about schneider mkII?

Anyone, ive been watching this for nearly 3 mths already. Anybody who ever played this yoyo, please give me your opinion.

Thank you :wink:

Decent amount of rim weight and it’s not super light, so it doesn’t feel as fast as the Leo Sniper.Draupnir has more rim weight and stability, and I think it might be the difference between its stability and light weight that makes it feel so fast when you push it but still playable with slower tricks. The Schneider doesn’t have the same feel, it’s just consistently fast.

What are you looking for in a yoyo? (Why did you look at the Schneider instead of other yoyos?)

I look at schneider because it has so unique spec in it, but i do look at shaqshine too, do you have opinion about shaqshine?

The Schneider Mk-ll is like a smaller, more solid Krown St. It’s very fast and stable for its weight. It produces the spin power of a significantly heavier yoyo. If it fits what you’re looking for, get it. You won’t be disappointed.

From what I’ve heard, the Shaqshine is phenomenal. However, I’d still wait for reviews if you’re looking to get one.

Tell me more about shaqshine later ok?

Im not in rush to buy it also