Your Quake questions answered.

(G2 Jake) #1

Sorry I couldn’t get to them all. If you have more questions leave them here and I will answer them.

(G2 Jake) #2

I’ll fix the links when I get home. My phone isn’t cooperating with me.


Al7? You read the question but I dont think you answered it.

(G2 Jake) #4

AL7 will be made. Very limited like the Tritons.


Ill have to keep my eyes peeled then. For those and the glitches

(G2 Jake) #6

Facebook is your best bet for updates :slight_smile:


Any idea what time on Friday these will go on sale? I want to give myself the best chance of actually managing to grab one.

(G2 Jake) #8

There is no set time. They just can’t be released until Friday. I won’t be releasing until the evening. I’m not sure when expert plans on dropping their stock. They have a good variety colorways :slight_smile: