Your protrusion technique??

Curious what everyone thinks is the best non-throwhand protrusion set-up, both from an ease and aesthetics point of view? Thumb and pointer and middle finger making the opening? Middle and thumb with the pointer, ring and pinky sticking out? Just thumb and pointer? Non-“claw” fingers out or tucked in? Also post any crazy protrusion combos ITT.

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I’m not that great at protrusion so for me its about ease of execution at this point. I prefer to use my thumb/middle finger just like in the video you posted. I have not polished it to the point of being able to mix up my technique. I would like to be able to get it to the point where I can switch my thumb from top to bottom between boings however because it looks boss to me.

My favorite video of how I would like to perform it (41 seconds into video).

PS: That entire video is amazing, so it is worth a watch from the beginning.

…but…but… I just got over/under boingy-boing. WHY YOU MAKE ME WANT TO LEARN NEW TRICKS?


I know, right? There are just too many sweet tricks to learn and not enough time.