Your first Kendama


I have a Kendama USA tribute that’s pretty beat up dropped it a few times.


I got an ozora yesterday… Light blue… The ball is slippery as a seal. I don’t understand how I’m ever going to land the “Handle” on the “Ball”, like a Lunar. I suppose maybe if I break it in, it might stick better… but at this point I don’t think it’s gonna happen ahhaha


Lunar is mostly voodoo and black magic as best as I can tell.

(Jace) #13

my feelings exactly, i keep looking at it thinking “wait really? like how?”


red kendamaco…picked it up at a local toy store. not a bad kendama. they’re fatter than ozoras, so it makes for a nice variety.




Really? I went to a Kendama forum and asked what would be a good beginner Kendama and they all told me Ozora’s are the best period. Oh well I will have to see when mine gets here. God Bless - Moefv


Yeah i saw your posts over there. The kendama is fine but i think even people on those boards agrees that the blue and yellow are slippery


They take breaking in, It will be some time before the tack comes out.

My first one was a bc/whats next kendama. then I got another that was cheap then picked up a tk 16 that I am now thrashing about.


Red Ozora. Got it for Christmas. Kind of messed it up a little since then.


Yeah I’m getting the Dark Blue one. God Bless - Moefv


A blue Sweets aTack.


Waiting for my red ozora to come in the mail !! First one, so excited


My red ozora was my first kendama. It is pretty amazing.


Sweets Seafoam atack. Just got it a couple of weeks ago and my husky killed the tama. :frowning:


Light Blue Ozora… not sure what’s so special about it though.


Purple Snake Oozora! It’s phenomenal now that I’ve glued the sarado in place. :wink:

Too much slippage before for my tastes. But oh do I love the look of this tama. :wink:





not sure brand this one is but my friend gave it to me recently, since he kept it unstrung I guess he never played with it, he’s got this similar one but with red paint. this one is a lot of fun and I’ve made tons of progress on it since he gave it to me!


Hey, Japhle; The JKA seals are color coded. I think the yellow one like you have is an Ozora seal. Can an Ozora owner back me up on that?

(Jace) #29

yep that’s an oozora :wink: