First Kendama? move?

I too have been bitten by the Kendama bug! I’m interested in getting my first one, so what do you think i should get?

EDIT: Can someone move this post to the kendama disscussions?

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Get the Yomega one for your first.

Maybe, but no.

No… Why on Earth would you do that when for a few $ more you can get an actual Kendama. As for the question you can’t go wrong with any. Tribute, TK, Ozora, Sweets, KenCo, just buy whatever, not really a huge difference.

I am super satisfied with my Matte Marble Sweets Kendama. It’s absolutely awesome. Not to say I have in fact tried any others, but hey. A local store just picked up the Kendama interest as well, so I may or may not go buy one of them. I suspect it is a basic TK model based on the prices a friend told me.

As Nathan mentioned, just get something that strikes your fancy. If you think you’ll need a learning curve, try a “stickier” kendama like the Sweets aTack, etc.

Best of luck!

Ok. I heard that ozoras are really good. Which do you think I should get, and from where? Pm me. I want a kendama that can last me a long time.