Your favourite yoyo trick of yourself

We always like to talk about tricks we love from other people, but I want you all to take a moment to reflect on yourselves and the amazing content that you have created.

I get the vibe that a lot of people don’t think they’re “good” at yoyoing but I want everyone to take a moment and think about their positives and strengths.

Let’s have a nice wholesome thread of your favourite trickcircles that feature yourself, be it Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, whatever.

Maybe add a little paragraph to explain why it’s your favourite. Show yourself some appreciation! :blush:

Show me your moves!


To give an example and break the ice, I’ll start.

My favourite trick video of my own is this:

I like it a lot because while the trick is short, the first few elements feel unique. Mainly though, I love the flow and how synced up to the music it is. The music was added during the editing stage but I actually had this song playing in my head whilst throwing! :joy: Just a simple trickcircle which I’m very proud of.

Who’s next? :smile:


I’ve always liked these tricks I’ve made

also this one is really cool too

… in all seriousness i could probably be here all day posting tricks that i’ve made and like because I only want to make tricks that I like.

Ahh all wonderful tricks. I love your flow, but are you able to choose a favourite? :thinking:

Edit; Just realised one was double posted! Wow I’m blind :joy:

I think it’s a really good quality to have, liking all your tricks. I tend to find the same and that they’re easier to get consistent and flowy if I made them myself. That being said, I tend to have difficulty being satisfied with the ending of tricks. Mine always seem so short :confounded:

hey that’s okay! all it takes a little bit of time and just being willing to tinker with stuff for a little while in all seriousness it takes me forever to make a yoyo trick, on average it takes at least 2 months for me to make a yoyo trick that i am satisfied with and that I think it “complete” so to speak.

this is mah favorite trick as of right now, its almost a go-to-trick at dis point:

– and btw @Kawasaki_T you got some dope flow :call_me_hand:


Love that vid! Not only the trick, but all the special effects too. Can really feel the vibes of being there hahaha. The end of the trick is crazy with all that zoning! And of course being a fan of Heaven Sent myself I can’t help but love it :joy:

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haha thanks mah dude. much love <3


I really like this one. It’s fun for me to perform and has a lot of fun elements in it that I haven’t really incorporated into many of my other tricks (tension slacks, rejections, etc). Enjoy:)


Here is one that I am working on… I stumbled onto the mount used for the trick a few years ago and have had fun coming up with variations… The tricks on the thread are great…

mount used for the trick (monster mount)


Luke always has the most entertaining videos!

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what string do you use? If that’s kitty, fat or normal?
Haven’t shared in a while. Here’s a trick I made a while a ago.

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I made a trick called “black drops”. It’s basically magic drop flavored black hops.


Lol :baby: flavored black drops!! :heart_eyes:

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These two tricks are probably my favorite things I’ve ever created and I have a problem where even if I make a great trick I won’t use it unless it is fun to do which I guess is a good thing but it leads me to have a hard time creating tricks


Blacklight = best light

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I love this, lots of interesting and unique elements in there!

:joy: amazing!

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