Your biggest problems with Kendama?

Hi Guys,

I am interested to know what are the biggest problems you guys experience when it comes to Kendama.

I am trying to spread the word on Kendama and allow more people to experience the game.

I have made a short survey (link below) and I would love to hear your thoughts on some of the problems you run into on your journey


My biggest problem with it? I suck at it ^_^. I’ve thought it was cool since Tales of Symphonia (weapon of Genis), but it has a steep learning curve. Satisfying as hell.


No problems, I enjoy kendama.


I’ve been looking at getting into it. I’m not sure if they’re the same type of thing but I love the look of those pill kendama. Hoping the wife gets me one for Christmas :crossed_fingers:


Kendamas are a lot of fun.

Honestly, I always feel like my biggest issue is that the kendama community is 100% on Instagram or similar networks. There’s little opportunity for a supportive place* like yoyoexpert for beginners.

*I admit tha tI haven’t looked for a kendama forum recently. So I may be wrong.


I’ve found that there are A LOT of kendama meet-ups - much more than I’ve seen with yoyoing. They are a pretty integral part of the community. This is where I’ve experience the most support and learning. Albeit, I do agree that IG is the main sharing space for the community as a whole, and it doesn’t lend itself to discussion.

I’m not sure how active it is, but Downspike might be a good forum to take a look into.

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My problem is consistency. It is a less consistent skill toy than a yo-yo. Meaning achieving 100% success with tricks is way harder if possible than with a yo-yo. It becomes frustrating for me coming from yo-yos. I still love it and that inconsistency makes it more rewarding at times.


Yeah, but you’re a skill toy expert ^_^.