Your 5 LEAST favorite musical artists. Explain why

Kudos to those of you who responded to my Five Favorite Musicians post. And know its time for part 2

  1. Justin Bieber: I can tolerate his music (or whoever writes it) but I cant listen too him for long periods of time before I start thinking its Miley Cyrus singing

  2. Taylor Swift: WAY TO MUCH COUNTRY MUSIC IN THIS COUNTRY!!! But quite frankly, I just don’t like country, especially hers

  3. Katy Perry: SHE SHOUTS IN HER SONGS THINKING THAT ADDS SOUL TO IT. Shouting does not put soul into it. And her songs are just annoying

  4. Ke$ha: what a whore. And she is so far off tune that auto-tune just makes it worse
    And my absolute LEAST favorite artist…

  5. Lil’ Wayne: Ke$ha in male form. I thought $he was bad, HOLY BALLZ THIS GUY IS HORRIBLE. The first time I heard one of his songs almost made me crash the car, on purpose. He is so bad, I think he was in jail because of it! He is so bad at singing that the auto-tune COMPLETELY TAKES OVER. Thats not him singing, thats a computer. And his guitar “skills” are worse than my first time playing Rock Band. I sounded better on a video game than he does in real life. Maybe I can take his guitar and push it down his throat! That way when he coughs, he might actually play a dang note!

We locked one of these a couple of weeks ago because it’s a bad idea. Tends to get too nasty.