Jamie Kennedy Sucks (featuring Justin Bieber)



constructive criticism appreciated

and I decided to wear black pants so that everyone can shut up about my clothes

u need a language warning

im not sure which is funnier that you own a justin bieber cut out or that not even justin bieber would want to be gentry jk by the way your tricks are the shit haha

I think I actually prefer your other pants. Oh, and your name is the most fun to announce on stage

Grind at 1:35 rocked my socks :slight_smile:

sorry my bad (RIP BIGGIE SMALLS)

The other pants are way better I just wanted people to see just my tricks for once. I was going to pull an Alex Kim and compete under the alias Hue G. Rection but I thought you’d get mad at me.

Dude, epic green pants are epic. Your probably one of the few guys i remember from CalStates xD

Nice video btw, that last part… ouch.

like the tricks a lot.
and, whats wrong with the clothes?