You will NEVER guess what I saw today...

(Jerry) #1

As I was walking through the yoyo store on the Redondo pier I gaze into the glass and beauty hits my eyes, a splash Hectic! The Ano is simply flawless and the colors match perfectly (on a spin it looks like a light burgundy). I feel honored to be one of the first non-pro yoyoers to play with one and I was greatly impressed I was hoping to post some pics but I will definately have them up by Sunday… I was also wondrering if anyone else has seen a spalh hectic. The other colors were black/blue blue/black(more black than blue) and of course black/pink :wink:


Yep, YYF has been working on SB Dv888’s Splash Hectics, Frantic, and they also put up the option for more DNA’s. Its all in this thread:,52490.0.html

(Jerry) #3

W0W, well I am SO amazed that I got to play with one though it grinds better than beadblasting!!!

(system) #4

i went there today too i bought a new breed and an m1

(Jerry) #5

Lucky well in about 2 weeks I will have enough money for a frantic but back on topic I was playing with my other friends Hectic yesterday and he was so psyched when he saw some pics (srry the pics are on my phone and I cannot uplaod them i already tried) :wink:


man i really wish i had a yoyo store around my house somewhere. like in a 15-mile radius.

(Jerry) #7

BUMPP. More people should hear about this…



(Jerry) #9

Cause it is soo awesome

(system) #10

Its just an anodized and splashed Hectic…


um…i live in iowa…and there is basically no stores around my area that are ment for yoyo :frowning: unless anyone knows of any thank you

(JonasK) #12

The beauty of the internet… It’s everywhere!!!