You wake up one day and your collection is gone... you're starting from scratch. Which yoyos are you picking up first?

Few & Far Inception

Few & Far Elysium

Yoyo Friends Peregrine

Duncan Orbital Gtx

Topyo Silenus


Great Topic…
However this scenario would really suck since my “Go-To” throws reflect my old-school tastes, which means most, if not all of the throws I would want are no longer available or easily found on the used market.
However, here they are:

CLYW Avalanche
YYF Severe
General Yo Torrent
Deady Spins Wrath
CLYW Chief


I couldn’t live with only 5 so I’ll go for 10:

Throws I could immediately get:

YYF Shutter JDS - Thanks to the price I won’t feel too bad for dinging it. This would be my casual throw. And it play pretty good.
Asteria Star Trail - Probably my top 1 bi-metal and it’s still available… Amazing
YYR SkyFish - A super close runner up. Ultimate speed machine
C3 Radius 7068 - My favorite mono metal
Mowl Hybrid - I need to have a plastic yoyo and this would be the one.

Throws I’ll definitely hunt for:

TopYo Twin Drive - Crazily good TiSS. It performs, it satisfies.
Atmos Stormberry - This feels REALLY good in hand.
A-rt Dale - Say less.
A-rt Furn - Fun fun fun fun fun.
Szlab TianYou - Not many (if any) people know about it… I think only 30 units were made. But It plays like dream to me.

Seems like I did have purchased way too many yoyo than I actually need… I would be totally fine living with these 10…


Ernie is making a run of Torrents right now


How does the Sugar High play? Anything unique about it that put it on this list?


Well first off I’d put up some “buying yoyo collections” ads up on craigslist to catch the thieves because there’s too many priceless items in there haha

Really though I’d immediately pick up a Panorama and Gopa (both available) and I’d put up a LF thread for a Markmont Classic. That would encompass my 3 favorites which get used daily as well


Nothing ‘unique’.The Sugar High is just a really good Titanium yoyo(I have at least 2 dozen Ti yo-yos).

But the OP asked what to choose if starting from scratch? And the list I posted consists of what immediately came to mind at that moment.

So, I obviously like it even if I can’t exactly explain why🤔.

Topyo Twindrive is also an excellent yo-yo as you are well aware of already…


Hmmm probably:

Yoyofriends x Damian Pucket Alliance - just so good

G2- Mongoose

G2/A-rt - Life


Metavity — good all rounder. I like the heft for slacky combos, power for long combos, and it just feels right, great for just chilling.

Exia — light and powerful, my absolute favorite all rounder, especially at its price point. I like it better for speed than the Metavity. Also a nice comfortable yo-yo for just chilling.

Edge 2022 — more of the same really, just leaning even more into speedier play(for me anyway). Less chill, but not uncomfortable.

5050 — undersized organics are fun, and I love wide yo-yos.


Well, I’d have a really rough search ahead.

Walter, DRI-YWET, 4mm YWET, Proto Theodore, Theodore, Clean Machine No Jive, Maple Sullivan, Hildy Curriers, Ti End, 2014 Gold Sasquatch, Proto Panorama, Diorama, Panorama, copper plated Parlay, Markmont Project, ti 888, Alleycat’s and CoreCo Standard

These are my regular yoyos and the ones I’d immediately start searching for.


I cut mine down to 15 or so (plus a couple beaters I rarely touch) from about 45. It just didn’t cover the whole spectrum of yo-yo types I enjoy. I’m at about 24 now and that seems like a pretty good sweet spot for me.

I personally wouldn’t aim for a specific number again, that just didn’t work for me. I’ll just sell what I’m not throwing, that comes naturally to me anyway. I tend not to want stuff I don’t use taking up space in my home, no matter how small.


Nice topic

My picks…

Markmont Classic MO

I think these are banger yoyos that are mostly available and I’ve no sentimental attachment to them. They just make me happy to throw them and they suit my play style. The MCMO is a powerhouse organic and the GOPA is light and refreshing.


Who thinks they can last the longest only throwing from their list?

  1. a-rt Furn

  2. Chief or pickaxe depending on my mood

  3. TMBR thisaway thataway

  4. Backup Furn

  5. 2nd backup Furn

Alright this is the best i could come up with. Tried to be well rounded


Really, I could probably be happy with a M+, Autoscopy and a Plvs Ultra. I don’t really have a desire to throw anything else, even though I occasionally check.

  1. YYR Valkyrie
  2. Bimetal Shutter
  3. Nobu mecha
  4. Topyo Colossus VI

If we are going to take availability into account, I’ll first get myself a Mowl Surveillance and a Mini Star 2 since both are currently available on YoYoExpert. Then I’ll scour the BST for the OPYOYOS Spright.


It took a min because, I had to mentally get past the part about waking up one day with them all gone even the ones no one knows about ouch. So after coming to terms with the loss, these would be the 1st five I would want to restart a throwing collection and very brief reasons.

  1. 888.11 ( good in the pocket, not difficult to find not too pricey yet )

  2. SuperStar ( v shape, not difficult to find not too pricey yet )

3 Kuntosh ( just a good throw, you can just keep working the Kuntosh it will keep delivering; not so easy to find would be a hunt )

4 Sudo ( I alway come back to this organic it has become a guilty pleasure, I even enjoy the searching and waiting for this one to become available because it never disappoints me, this would be difficult to track down, I would be doing some begging I am sure )

5 CLYW Kodiak ( power it was my first powerful bimetal, I would want it back again )

The week begins have a great week everyone


Literally exactly what I’m thinking.

I cut down to about 20~ at the beginning of this year and felt that was perfect. I achieved that by selling off or giving away whatever I wasn’t throwing, or wasn’t super rare - I wasn’t fixated on a number.

Another thing is, 2 loopers, wood, responsive, 5a, and an unresponsive are like the “bread and butter” for most throwers. That’s already 6-10 yoyos easily which really messes with the number game.

I think the issue for me is that if I tried to cut it down on what I don’t play like I did before, it wouldn’t go anywhere because my collection is at 28 and everything gets a solid amount of play time through the week.

So I think that’s the reason why I went to numbers, but conversely the reason why I found it impossible to achieve those numbers.

Thanks a bunch! Your input has given me that “ah hah” moment I needed to figure out my situation.


DR3I :woozy_face: