You Samurai Are All the Same

(Zach Smith) #1

This is a quick video I put together to showcase the speed of the FPYY Katz Meow v.2. Though, I’m not very good at speed play, so I’m not sure if I got the point across. XD Anyway, it will not come in these ridiculous colors. I painted mine myself to look like a watermelon. XD The last 2 tricks are newish, but everything else is pretty stale. But whatever.

Yoyo: Foxland Precision Yoyos Katz Meow v.2
Player: Zach Smith
Song: Betray by Minor Threat


I didn’t like the angle, but the tricks were good. :wink:


That was great… angle was par, but not terrific… but great speed!!! that second trick was sick.

(Zach Smith) #4

The angle was just sort of off the cuff, so its just ok. Not great. Thanks though. :slight_smile:


not very good at speed play? you were amazing!