You Samurai Are All the Same

This is a quick video I put together to showcase the speed of the FPYY Katz Meow v.2. Though, I’m not very good at speed play, so I’m not sure if I got the point across. XD Anyway, it will not come in these ridiculous colors. I painted mine myself to look like a watermelon. XD The last 2 tricks are newish, but everything else is pretty stale. But whatever.

Yoyo: Foxland Precision Yoyos Katz Meow v.2
Player: Zach Smith
Song: Betray by Minor Threat

I didn’t like the angle, but the tricks were good. :wink:

That was great… angle was par, but not terrific… but great speed!!! that second trick was sick.

The angle was just sort of off the cuff, so its just ok. Not great. Thanks though. :slight_smile:

not very good at speed play? you were amazing!