The Katz Meow promo

(Zach Smith) #1

Video I put together to showcase the FPYY The Katz Meow. I don’t know about you but I think its rad. XD


That… was… so… AWESOME!!!

(jared) #3

that was really entertaining. really liked the 5a!

(SR) #4

Really well done video. The tricks were really amazing too. I so need to buy one of those yoyos.


OMG Double Ninja Vanish. :o

You dig.

(202andrew) #6

I love this video. I can’t stop watching it.

(M²) #7

Huh, you looked like you were having fun.

(JM) #8

You’re so silly. That was an awesome video, and I expect no less.

(Zach Smith) #9

Triple. :o


What the…

Zach, you are the duck’s nuts.

(_|@<06) #11

Wow that is awesome! makes me really want a Katz Meow, they seem like really good yoyos! Can they accept flowable silicone?

(Zach Smith) #12

The next run will be sili. The padded version is still good if you use the standard D bearing instead of the slim D. It comes with both.

(JonasK) #13

You are too good now, I don’t like you anymore…
;D ;D ;D

(Zach Smith) #14

well I love you, Jonas. :slight_smile:

(BaileyT) #15

Great vid man!!! I enjoyed every second ;D


NICE THROWS! I’ll say this video is a happy throwing video, cuz you’re enjoyable, outgoing, have a good sense of humor, and got good style of tricks. ;D

Happy Throwing! =]


Cool video! Nice string play and good work with the counter weight.

Urban settings so cool.


someones a little high on sugar… but all around, amazing.

(Zach Smith) #19

Actually that’s just my usual demeanor. ^o^


goodness… do your freinds make you wear a " stay back 200 feet- prone to sudden and unpredictable outbursts" sign?