You need to post pix of your stuff

You may have noticed. A bunch of stuff got archived tonite because it did not have pictures of the item.
Post a pic of the stuff and it will get moved back if you send me a PM.

Is posting an alternative to pictures (like in my posts, I have to have people request pictures with a mobile number, seeing that my phone tends to muk up the quality of photos between phone and computer) acceptable?

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I understand your dilemma.
I’ll have to ponder that one a bit.

The rules say “provide”, but it sort of implies “post” as in

What if u post links?

Links are ok.

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The problem I have is that my camera’s memory card won’t work in the computer…so is it ok if i text pictures? thats the only way I can get the pictures to people…jus wondering

You need to post them.
Offering to send is not sufficient.

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If you can txt pics from your phone, then just txt it to your email, and then you can bring it up on your computer, save and post them here. If the picture quality is bad, try to resize the pic (smaller), you can edit them using ms paint or photo shop. Google or YouTube if you need help or pm me.

Also, I use an iPhone to take pics and txt to my email and then just post them here, no need to edit or anything. Anyone with a smart phone would be able to do the same.

How do I even insert pics in my posts?

here is my b/s/t,41038.0.html

go there and click on quote and you should get something like this :

so i just posted a pic ^ up there … you can even click on quote on this post and check out what i did …

it looks like this : img width=640 height=478][/img

You just have to add [ in front of img in the beginning and another ] to the end of img and then you will see the pic