mint in box general yo ministar ft/fs


ok like the titles says i gots a mib ministar purple black grade A for trade or sale.

sooooo…to the wants :
wooly marmot
five star

will send pics if asked

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #2

Your gonna have to post pics, not say ask for them.


well i didn’t clarify my camra is broken and i have to send pics via text cause i have no way of sending on the computer so thats why i said will send if asked sorry for the miss understanding

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You could still upload pics from your phone, but yeah it’s kinda the rules of the forum.


its a pre paid phone (yeah i know im cheap) so it gots no internet. and what do you mean by rules ??


never mind i read the rules

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #7

If you can send picture messages you can send them to an email.

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Alright, Mr. Forum Police! please quit bumping this thread to the top of my unread posts with your critique/law enforcement. Those are statements/demands to be made by a Mod anyway.

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Dude, relax. I’m telling him how he can get pictures up.


You didn’t really Tell him how to put them up. You are telling him he has to put them up. To put them up from a phone you can send the Pics to like a Facebook account if you have one and use FB moblile then save them off of there and then Upload them to this thread.

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #11

I didn’t think I need to explain further. Once you get the picture onto your email, log onto ANY computer and post to a site of preference like flickr or imgur.


jesus christ i was just trying to trade/sale my ministar i didn’t mean for this thread to start an uproar

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Sorry man, that how the forum is now adays, every little thing seems to start a fight. :confused: Free bump, but you still kind of need to get some pics up.


wish i could but i can’t i can only sent pic threw text

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