wttf: galactic goose

have one. realized i really like it. seeking a 2nd (ideally brown - condition not a big deal).

got a big bearing skyy chaser, unengraved/deep-recessed spyder, rsl… LOTS of other stuff. $$$
if you’ve got one you might be willing to let go, hit me up and tell me what you like.

Hi, Ed.

I have one collecting dust, and I’d be glad to send it to you. Hardly used, great shape.

I really am looking for the following: Hatrick, Lily, Wasabi, Addict, Sebastian Brock Peak, maybe a BVM. Let me know if anything sounds good to you.

BTW, I know I’m new (long-time reader, first-time poster), so I have no problem shipping first.

Also, I can’t figure out how to post my pics of the Goose. I tried adding it as an attachment, but then I get an error on previewing. Let me know how to do this, and I’ll put 'em up.


I’m not offering but I wanted to say. To post pictures you need to post the img code. You can do this by uploading them to photobucket.com (you need an acount first) then just copy and paste the img code.

Considering this was posted LAST YEAR, I’m sure that at this point, pictures aren’t really a huge deal.

Try not to bring up old topics as it clutters up the board.

How come everyone critiques everything I do. You guys really need to lighten up. It’s just a forum. So I made a little mistake. I was only trying to help. I didn’t notice. :frowning: Besides it’s the B/S/T forum, time isn’t really relavant. If the trade was over it should of been removed or marked done.

We only have 2 Mods, they do their best, but really, try to stay off threads that are 3-4 months old, because if no one posted since then, most likely its over and done with.
Most people Bump if its still active.

You know guys, continuing to bump the thread doesn’t help either.

Ed, if you wanted this to still be alive, feel free to make a new one.

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