You can catch a nice deal here! ;-)

Heyho Yopeople,
I have a YYO Urban and a matching Lockett Yoholster that I really would like to trade :wink: The Urban is glass smooth and has no damage. I’m not looking for something specific. Only want some fun (I’ll do a short wantlist/guideline under the pics).

Here are the pictures.

and the “wants”

YYF Horizon (any color and condition even optical beater)
C3 Move (any color and condition even optical beater)
MYY Skyva (maybe picky abaout the colour)
YYF Loop 1080
Wood throw
a Begleri
or a nice kendama

As mentioned that is only a guideline. I’m open to every other offer too. If You have any questions please give me a shout.

Greetings from Germany,