YoTricks Civility Review

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I got my civility today and I was wondering if people have tips for magic drop and string rejections. I used to use a dv888 so the shape makes it almost impossible for me to do a string rejection.

Nice I’m thinking about doing a review on a OD benchmark v

As far as magic drop goes, stick your thumb into the loop before swinging it around and use your thumb to help reject the string.


Thanks for the advice, I think my problem is that this yoyo is bigger than I am used to and the shape is foreign to me since I have been playing my dv888 for monthes learning things

Going from a DV888 (A small throw) to a Civility (A full sized throw) takes a little getting used to in any situation.
Things like weight, size, feel, catch zone, and balance are all different. I think it will take a little time but with practice you will get it.

Some added advice might be:
The Civility uses a Center track bearing and the DV888 does not. This may be keeping the string more aligned and not as easily rejected, as you are used to. Install the C bearing from your DV888 on your Civility and do a quick test, see if that makes any difference. If it does… than it might mean you just have to get used to throwing with a center track bearing.

nice review

i am very fond of this yoyo too, but not yet have the chance to try it yet
it’s design by the team that teach yoyo tricks, it must be good…

I honestly found this yoyo pretty useless, its so heavy and awkward, the silicon pads blow. So many tangles. Although im aware its there first yoyo as a company its still just terrible, a total waist for 90 dollars, its worth about 50 or 60 but no where near 90

Yotricks mentioned it was machined by OD in one of their videos.

Some people like the yoyo heavy ( I know I would). And how awkward it is, up to you, however considering your favorite yoyo is The Seed… I think the Civility would be smaller than what you are used to. And the tangles, I’m assuming you are talking about the bearing knots when you bind, but that also goes back to you, the response pads have nothing to do with the snags, unless you meant when it was in play. In that case the pads need to be broken in.

I had honestly never heard of this yoyo or project before this thread just now. The hateful hate review somehow makes me want to play it more than the glowing, positive review!

Really though, OP, your review is very well done and very thorough. Nice job!