YoToyImages Sticker Pack!

We love the art of yo-yo. And we love to promote the artists who showcase it so well. Whether that is tricks, design, or in this case amazing photography. One of the best yo-yo photographers there is goes by @yotoyimages on Instagram and is famous for his ‘exploding’ yo-yo photography and visually captivating imagery.


To honor his ‘exploding yo-yo’ work he has this great sticker pack available that looks great on any yo-yo case or bag! Not to mention you support the artists who make what we do look good! Each pack contains 4 random stickers.



Oh nice now there’s a bimetal and splash in the stickers this time too.


I don’t know. I feel like I would pay 3$ for a pack of 4, or $1.25 a sticker if I got to pick them. This seems like a tad too much with the lack of choice.

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Nah I think those are just polished rims.


The sticker packs are really just here to help share yotoyimages work and support his page. If an extra dollar or two deters you from getting some cool stickers that’s fine, but I think $5 is reasonable. :man_shrugging:


I don’t mind spending extra to support the site. I love you guys. Just wish for a little choice while I do.

Edit: oh, his page. Thought this was yoyoexpert stickers.

Edit 2: after researching sticker prices I take it back. This isn’t bad.


Yeah, more choice would be nice instead of assorted stickers. If he decides to make more stickers I’ll definitely push for that!

And a side note for anyone interested in these - If you prefer a certain sticker or color just make a note in your order and we’ll try to pick a pack to accommodate. :grin: