June 2013-Stick it! Click it! Send it! Win!

Post your entrees here :slight_smile:

My entry:



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Yoyoexpert sticker is on:
Hand-made duct tape wallet (I sell them too :wink: )
Playstation 2
Playstation 2 controller
iPod charger case I turned into a yo-yo parts box
Mini Composition book I write yoyo tricks in, as well as have money in (on the paper clip)
*Yoyo news sticker is also on the playstation.
*You can’t see it but there’s a YYE sticker on the tv
*there’s a sticker all the way to the right

Other things in picture:
ILYY and OD: Sakure
Legyoyo (my) Holster


Be Healthy :wink:

Eat yo Peas big boy :slight_smile:

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Flower Power!


You’re hurting the Flower! :frowning:

Says the Pea killer! ::slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, they are all happy and healthy in their special Yoyoexpert can.

And I didn’t kill them. They are still alive For your Information.

;D :smiley: 8)


It looks like it’s only a ball cap but it’s the big sister holding the cap with the little brother in it (head down)! :smiley:


Every yoyo player eventually has old worn out strings, right? Recycle! I made a yoyo holder out of mine!

I flipped when I saw a third hand… then I realized it was a little dude wearing ninjago shorts.


I cant believe it took me this long to realize that someone (Luke!!!) put 8 yo-yo expert stickers on my shirt at Mass states. Anyways it made for a great contest picture so here they are.
Show your thanks if you saw the lunatic with the YYE stickers at MA states

On my 5 year old daughter’s Tball helmet -

( sorry for crappy image quality , but the iphone camera only works so well )


Ok get ready for this.

MIND BLOWN. :smiley: It lines up perfectly with the homepage of my browser haha

(thanks Legyoyo :D)

Yoyoexpert cat