September 2012-Stick It. Click It. Send it. Win!

Post your entries for September 2012 in this thread!

First time entry front of my yoyo case (deleted some)


that michael jackson sticker confuses me o.O

anyway, i’ll be bringing in my picture in about a week :slight_smile:

Well, I got back into Skateboarding after 3 years of not doing it, so what better way than on the top of the board? I did know a few flips, but apparently, I have lost my edge…Time to practice! oh, and I love Darkstar, just saying. They are awesome.
IMG_20120903_024437 by offstring-stewart, on Flickr

this here is my stick it  compettion picture…i sticked it on my bedroom wall along with my old pictures…some of which i drew

In the wallet :slight_smile: along with the get out of jail free card (ya never know)


me with my new yye colored braces ;D


I thought this would give me a nice opportunity to photograph two symbols of great quality side by side: YYE representing all that good in the yoyo world and Cerwin Vega speakers representing all that’s loud in the audio world.

Hope you enjoy the amazingly simple pictures!

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On my Xbox :smiley:

Pay no attention to the date, I never set it in the camera. Haha

my yoyo case! :smiley:

hope i win this time


Eh, decided to double it.

Haven’t figured out where to put another sticker…

It’s Yoyoexpert or Nothin’!!!

Nerf collection:


my bike and a andre signed card

My YoYoExpert Case… Simple is Smart

My son getting ready to take it to the Madison Rams!


I play guitar myself, have a jackson Flying V and B.C. Rich Warlock, and I’m just wondering how the hell you got the sticker under the frets, or did you cut it?
Anyways, I think Coffin deserves the win here…

http://Expert Pics 011.jpg

First pic
My dog Chess

opps did it work?? ill try again
http://Expert Pics 011.jpg

I was digging thought my drawers and found my basketball cards. Planning on selling them. Don’t know price yet. I cannot put picture since I wrote this on my phone. Hopefully I got an entry