Show your support for yoyoexpert!

(Evan Landreneau) #1

What are you doing to support yoyoexpert? I have their sticker on the back of my phone!

(Victorian YoYos) #2

I tell people who get into yo-yos to go to yoyoexpert

(Evan Landreneau) #3


(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #4

I have yoyoexpert cards that i show off to other people :>

I only have a few though, mostly because shipping to my country is about 40$ on YYE

(ClockMonsterLA) #6

Um, I spend a lot of money at the YYE webstore, that’s how I support it. I recently pulled my entire order history (since Aug 2nd of last year) into a spreadsheet just to see how much I’ve spent so far. I really shouldn’t have done that. Ignorance truly is bliss. :weary:



(shubham) #8

I like their quote “make the simple amazing” which I have kept as status for many years in WhatsApp.


So… when the phone is in your pocket; nobody can see the back.

And when you are using your phone; your hand is covering the back so nobody can see it.

And when you are charging your phone; it’s most likely on its back; so nobody can see it.

So… the most exposure the sticker has gotten is your posting it in this thread.

:scream_cat: hahaha

(Evan Landreneau) #10

Well… I guess that is true… :joy:


Just get the Yoyo Expert logo tattooed on the back of your hand or neck. I bet they’ll give you a discount.


It is! I ignore my order history for this reason lol. Even without looking I could probably ball park the last couple months if I thought about it for more than 30 seconds but I choose to remain oblivious and happy. :grinning:


I haven’t yet ordered anything from yoyoexpert but that is mainly because I live overseas. Perhaps it is time to take the plunge soon!

(Tyler) #14

There’s a YYE sticker in there somewhere, possibly riding a skateboard


Which country?


You a cuber?

(Tyler) #17

Once upon a time, not so much anymore. I actually kinda hate that sticker, because if that cube was real,
it would have 3 yellow sides lol

(Gregory Braun) #18

Matt Parker (Stand Up Maths) does a good video on impossible cubes.

(Ethan Ryan L. Valondo) #19