Yosemite Escape!



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Very very awsome!

Awesome ;]
This video is so chill!

Awsome!! I miss liveing near yosemite :’( How did your operation go?

Awesome stuff! This made me want to throw 5A (Which is a big deal, I’m really not a fan of it.) Great great video! A good balance of yoyoing and scenic shots, and with the blue van! What was the song? I really liked it!

Thanks for the comments guys!

The song btw is “With or without you” by Sungha Jung.
See here:

He is an amazing guitar player, and quite young!

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Nice video and great quality! Really shows how yo-yoing looks amazing anywhere.

Wow, your awesome!

I just love the flow, works amazingly wish the song. I am tired of loud, blasting rock songs, you are an awesome guy Jayyo!

awesome i liked it i remembered when i was in Malaysia good time good time ::slight_smile:

Nice video, very artistic ;D

That waterfall looked nice. Oh and that deer that was in there. Listens to earbud Yes, mhmm, yes. Back to normal Apparently there was some yoyoing in this video? That’s weird. It must have just not been too great. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice video Josh. Great like usual ;D

that was a beautiful vid.

Fantastic video. Very chill. This is sort of like how I want my next video to go like.

Ok, sorry for posting twice, but you are now my favorite yoyoer Josh.