YOMERICA - I wish I was as cool as...

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thank you for watching

i want your pants there awsome and great job go YOMERICA

I dig the chorage variation :smiley:

This is hot, Jamie.

Very cool nice job

freakin awesome vid!!! The combo from :15 to :37 is my fav. sick grinds in that combo :slight_smile:

There is one thing you do that everyone else does in that vid. I mean everyone. Nice faces. lol

The yoyoing was insane too!

I’m totally aware that everyone and their mom can do ladder escape because almost everyone started with mastermagic, I put that trick in there because I learned it from Andre at A2Z and it was my first hard trick so putting it in there was kind of my was of paying homage(sp) to Master Magic and to Andre because without him and his website I would never have become the thrower I am today, and come on, even now its still one of the most fun tricks in the book.

Thanks guys