The New CZM8 video.

Is it just me or is this one of the best videos in a while!!??!!

My opinions:
-Fun tricks
-A good overall trick video.
-Probably the most entertaining video that I’ve seen.
-Definitely one of the best promo videos ever.
-I really love it!!!

Post below on what you think!

I might have to agree. That video was great.

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I know! It’s tons of fun to watch!

It’s refreshing to see a video like that! ;D

Dang, that was great to watch! Good post!

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I have. A proto form February of last year I want one if the. New ones they have small changes

Vasek so good.

He is crazy talented.

In a world of crazy, string tangling “Yuuki-esc” tech and awkward looking body wraps, it’s so refreshing to watch such an aesthetically pleasing style as Vasheks. He puts such style and rhythm into his yoyoing, it’s a real treat to watch. :slight_smile:

By far my favourite thrower. Vashek is the don.