Yomega Saber Wing mod


I usually do spin top mods, but here is a yoyo mod I did recently.

Saber Wings have 3 problems; they are too light, the rims are too sharp, and they are transaxles. I cut a hole in the cap so I could put in rubber weight rings, rounded out the rims to make them softer and put in a bearing from an old Raider. I had to sand the spacers for half an hour to get the gap thin enough for descent responsive play. I have plenty of unresponsive yoyos that play well but only a few responsive ones that are fun to play with… This is one of them :slight_smile:


Wow that is some interesting


Yes, nice mod. I added rim weight to my Hyperwarp Wing, but it was easier because the caps are removable. Much better player that way. But I left the rims untouched.

Just glancing at the pics i thought you hub stacked it. :smiley:


I’ve gotta try this sometime myself!