Yomega Paddleball Review

So here’s my Yomega Paddle Ball. I’ve had this for a little while, and think it’s time to do a review.

First Thoughts

At first glance, you’ll see that it’s quit an innovative design for a paddle ball. While somewhat of a difficult shape for more basic paddling, some of its features include a wonderful spike at the top. As many of you know, this is great when doing advanced tricks like “the stab.” Here it is:

Let’s Talk About the String:

Ok, to start off, this string is GREAT for slacks. With this string, landing Brent Stoles has never been easier.

The Blue Star Thing at the Top

The ridge on this ball is another great thing about this Paddle Ball. The textured edge makes arm and even finger grinds as easy as boiling water. No one can get them wrong!

Here’s a quick zoom in:

The Grabbing Handle

The Grabbing Handle features even more texturing. No where else can you find this extensive attention to detail in a Paddle Ball. Not only does this make grinding tricks like “the eel” or “the shimmy” more fun and easy than ever but even can advance tricks like “the whack” to another level. This is simply unmatched elsewhere. Just look at this well designed, ergonomic grip:

The dimple, with enough dexterity, can even be used for “the reach around stab,” where you stab it with the spike on the top.


While there are few cons, they are here. The string, for one, could feature more stretch than is given. It takes a bit more force to do basic paddling naturally than one would like. Also the spike should be sharper.

Ending thoughts.

While a bit strange, I would recommend this paddle ball to any true “baller.”


I have actually been looking into getting a yomega paddler, I was skeptic at first but now I can buy with confidence.


Lovin my Yomega paddle ball!

Thats a kendama… Wait, are you being sarcastic?

Its obviously just a joke lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes you just can’t tell online…

Have you tried modding it at all?

I feel like sharpening the spike, substituting the string for some Rubber bands or Cat 5 cable (Depends on player preference) , and adding some sandpaper on the handle could real bring out the performance in this Paddler.

Remember just 'cause Yomega didn’t think of it doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea.

I am totally gonna get one now.

Good job.

I have never been more confused.

Yeah I’m pretty confused as to why more people don’t own these.