Yomega Nebula is unresponsive, help?


A few months ago I took an interest in yoyos and went out to look for some good ones. I had no experience in any company so when I saw Yomega looking all flashy and neat on Amazon, I got the 3 pack (Brain, Fireball, Raider) and the Nebula. The nebula has had a weird problem ever since I got it: It won’t come back up. It’ll randomly snag on the starbursts every once in a while, but other than that, zip. It was a very disappointing introduction into yoyos.

Fast forward to now: I have a box full of yoyos, I’m working on my whips, and I know proper maintenance for my yoyos. I just picked it up out of the box to test it out and see if I was missing anything, but as far as I can tell it’s still nope. I had tried lubing the axle with a drop of Brain Lube (Since it’s a plastic transaxle and not a ball bearing) when I first got it and it made it able to come back up, but would not at all loop. I did double loop it around the axle as well.

Any other recommendations to get this thing to work?


Does the Starburst look like it’s worn down? That might be the problem.


Nope, I brought it brand new and it still all looks new.


Thick lube should do it.


Lube the bearing


I have a pair of Nebulas.

Put Duncan Friction Stickers in it.

Lube doesn’t help, trust me.


as I said, when I first got it I put thick lube (Brain Lube) on it, which made it slightly more responsive, but not nearly enough to pull off a loop. And it’s not just my technique, my record is 49 inside loops on a Duncan Speed Beetle, and I can usually pull off 10-20 inside loops on my YYF 808 and Duncan Ignite/Bumblebee. I can’t get one inside loop on the Nebula.

I’ve though about sanding down the starbursts (not sure if that’s required, but it sounds right) and doing that, but I figured surely there was some reason a looping yoyo wasn’t looping when I got it brand new.


Do NOT sand down the Starbursts or it will not be responsive at all.

Put duncan friction stickers inside it ok?