Yomega dash or Duncan metal drifter

I think that the dash is better because it is rubber response not friction stickers. Are rubber response better than friction stickers??

Friction stickers are basically cloth stickers with a rubber coating over it. I haven’t played a Yomega before, but I’m pretty sure their rubber response is better than Duncan’s friction stickers.

However, this doesn’t matter. The Metal Drifter comes with silicone stickers, not friction stickers. Like I said, I haven’t played a Yomega before, so I don’t know if silicone stickers play better than Yomega’s response or not.

I own both, and think the Dash is, by far, the better yo-yo.

Unless they’ve changed it, the Metal Drifter is set up with the longer-lasting silicone stickers. I haven’t thrown my Drifter in a while but it’s got a nice width and size to it. I also wouldn’t mind eventually picking up a Dash just to have as a pocket yo…I do own the narrower Maverick which is a decent player as well.

I had a metal drifter and it was great. It was fun, fast, and stable.

Odd. My Metal Drifter came with friction stickers. When did you get yours? I got mine in fall of 2010, if I am not mistaken.

Oh I forgot: the friction stickers work great and can play unresponsive.

Are you sure that you’re not accidentally mixing up friction stickers with silicone stickers?