What's the best response system for 5a?

I have a Duncan Freehand Zero and a Duncan Metal Drifter and I have to replace the response pads soon. I don’t know what type of response to use that is best for 5a. The FHZ came with friction stickers on each side and the Drifter came with silicone friction stickers (This is not the normal unresponsive silicone this is a responsive friction sticker made by Duncan to last longer and not be so snappy) on each side. I’m not sure if the snappy friction stickers is what I like and I have to bind when using the Drifter which I know how to do but I might as well use my unresponsive 1a yoyos if I’m going to have to bind anyway. So what is best for 5a? friction stickers, silicone friction stickers, unresponsive or even having only one friction sticker instead of one on each side? Sorry this is so long.

I think you are a bit confused. All silicone is responsive at heart, it’s how it is applied that will tend to reduce it the response level, as in a recessed application. The stickers in the FHZ and the Drifter are basically surface mounted. Yes, there is a very slight recess, but it is not the same as what people refer to as recessed response. Most any sticker you use is going to act pretty much the same there. Possibly a Dif-e-yo pad will be a bit less responsive that the Duncans.

Thanks. Is the Difeyo pads what you use for 5a?

I use dif pads in some of my yoyos and duncan silicone stickers in others. They are a bit harder than the duncan pads so a bit less responsive.