Who else uses yolo

I do. Sarcastically, satirically and ironically.


I use carpe diem like the cool kidz cause I’m too cool for yolo! (by the way I wouldn’t be surprised if some company named a Yoyo yolo)

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Not this…
NO! NO YOLO! (plus drake popularized it kinda and I hate him too :-D)

then go with me carpe diem! FTW cause no one like yolo anymore!

Abby knows where it’s at. Seize the fish! =P


That word shall never be spoken unless you’re singing the motto by Drake lol

its seize the day in latin then again i like how fish sounds better! seize the fish!

Yolo has been used as a joke for the last year.

Goodness, I hate these trend words people start saying… I thought “This” and “literally this” were dead but I saw them pop up a little lately… Then there’s Doge… Thought that was dead but some people are being slow to letting it rest… And if you want to go further back there “legit”. And you can’t forget the people still dancing to gangnam style and harlem shake.

whatevs’ this thread is legit!


Omg I hate yolo haha. People use it for all the wrong reasons.

Yeah, I know what it means. Just being silly :wink:

Oh god, how did you know? I thought I was hiding it so well…


Yolo is a saying to encourage greatness, not stupidity… But alas, it is now an abomination.


A true case of “yolo”

Well it never showed them jump. Just 5 minutes of getting there.

The heck

what? I dont get this at all.