Yo-Yos on Fire!

My name is Aaron Pinedo. My talent is to yo-yo with yo-yos
that are on fire, light up, and spark. I am also good at
beginniner, intermedeate, and advanced yo-yo tricks. I yo-yo at
raves, some clubs, and pretty much any other type of party
place. I’m just starting to do this. So I’m looking for donations
for the first 2 months so I may begin my small business onto
which I hope will become big. Looking to funraise about $630.00.

  1. $30.00 for fireproof gloves
  2. $200.00 for two fireproof yo-yos
  3. $20.00 for yo-yo strings
  4. $50.00 for the string’s fireproof liquid
  5. $75.00 for fire extinguisher and saftey
  6. $25.00 for emergencey first aid kit
  7. $60.00 for business cards and flyers
    8 ) $100.00 for insurance
  8. $40.00 for light-up yo-yos
  9. $30.00 for firecaps for the fire yo-yos
    Whoever puts the most money in the funraiser for my cause I
    will do my first show at one of your raves/parties as long as you are in the so cal area. Call or
    text me at 1-760-698-6174 or feel free to e-mail me at my
    address. I hope to see this happen and I hope you all get to see
    this happen. All of you have a blast :slight_smile: