Yo-yos for trade

Have some yo-yos I want to trade for. They are both mint with no damage. Comes in original packaging. Pdx-yo swamp monster, and a reticulated return tops puff adder. Not really looking for any specific yo-yos. Just dm with your offers. No yoyo factory yo-yos please.


No love for yyf? They do make some cool stuff. But it’s all good

i do have respect for them, its just the yoyos they produce dont look appealing to me.

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rev 1 for swamp monster

can i see a pic of it?

Geeze that’s very many :slight_smile:
I meant a lot of YYFs to not care for. I think YYYF has been very experimental over the years, and listens to player feedback.

Check my posts

Nobody wants yyf…:cry:

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