Yo-yos for sale

Low key throws sold

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what is the last?

Low-key throws Arbor

It’s a Near mint with box

If you want it I’ll give you a fair price

I’ll sell it for 35 shipped

For me it’s fine, but you have to send it to Italy, I don’t care for a fast shipment but it must be traceable.
If it’s okay with you, send me your paypal address and I will credit the money

CAn I think about it shipping is 24 $ and I’m a new seller to pay pal and my money Is on hod

Beacouse Idk if I want to ship to Italy

Don’t worry, I don’t want to put you in trouble. :wink:
Your request seemed a bit strange to me and I thought you had looked at my profile (it is written exactly where I am).
I wish you to sell it easily in the United States and thank you anyway for the proposal you made me.
A greeting!


P.S. thanks for telling me what it is, i didn’t know it …


I’d like the arbor

mike that uuuuu!!!

Yeaaaa boiii! Lol, dad didn’t block yye?


this one cant get blocked it also works without wifi lol he did block regular yye tho not forums!

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