Yo-Yoing in the Olympics

I know we want this to happen but i may or may not. But I was thinking, Who would be the best line up for the Countries teams? And who would b the Captains? So you put your line up for a country, Only 1 person for each style, and 1 Captain.
remembr Thsi is for any country not just the US!

My USA Line up:
1A: Paul Han
2A: Pat Mitchel
3A: Hank Freeman
4A:Tyler Severance
5A: Miguel Correa

Tyler doesn’t do 4A

My USA Line Up

1A: Jensen Kimmit
2A: Patrick Mitchel
3A: Kentaro Kimura
4A: Bryan Figueroa
5A: Miguel Correa

These are in my opinion the best at each style

Captains for USA lineup:
1A: Yuuki Spencer
2A: Pat Mitchell
3A: Kenatro Kimura
4A: Bryan Figueroa
5A: Miguel Correa

Yes he does. Look it up. EDIT: Got one video. There’s a few more btw.

Here’s mine:

1A: Hiroyuki Suzuki
2A: Shinji Saito
3A: Kentaro Kimura
4A: Naoto Okada
5A: Takeshi Matuura

SR you beat me to it. And Isn’t Kentaro Japanese? So he woudn’t be on the US team, and I think Jensen is Canadian.

1A:yuuki spence
2a: patrick mitchel
3a:paul yath
4a:Bryan figuara (not sure if hes us or not)
5a:miguel correa

U.S.A and Canada

1a:Jensen Kimmit
2a:Pat Mitchell
3a:Hank Freeman
4a:Bryan Figueroa
5a:Miguel Correa

Three words: World Yo-yo Contest

If in the olympics then the range of competitors are really limited. The Olympics are pretty much a contest that try to see which country is the best at what each sport is. If it was in the olympics then

1A: Jensen Kimmitt, and Hiroyuki Suzuki
2A: Pat Mitchell and Shinjii Saito
3A: Kentaro and Paul Yath
4A: Rei Iwakura
5A: Takuma Inoue, Takeshi Matsuura, and Sterling Quinn.

1A: Yuuki Spencer
2A: Patrick Mitchell
3A: Hank Freeman
4A: Bryan Figueroa
5A: Miguel Correa-Captain

1a andre boulay
2a Farrah Siegel
3a Hank freeman
4a cody Taylor
5a Aj kirk


1a: Yukki Spencer
2a: Patrick Mitchell
3a: Hank Freeman
4a: Bryan Figaroa
5a: Tyler Sevrance

if they didnt throw down paintballing at the olympics they wouldn’t do yoyos

1A: Shinya Kido
2A: Shinji Saito
3A: Kentaro Kimura
4A: Rei Iwakurqa
5A: Takeshi Matsuura

Malaysia!!! XDDD

1A: Hassan Marialis
2A: Arif
3A: Hassan Marialis
4A: Ewin Ee
5A: Shakeel

Bet none of you know anyone in that list :stuck_out_tongue:

1A: Hiroyuki Suzuki/John Ando(no one listed him??)/Shinya Kido
2A: Shinji Saito
3A: Kentaro Kimura
4A: Rei Iwakura
5A: Takeshi Matsuura

;D ;D