Yo-yoing in the news once again.

I found this link while searching for some tricks, and it’s pretty interesting.

The article was 2 weeks ago, but I wanted to share it. I don’t think this has been here yet.

Awesome! We seem to be getting bigger and bigger as a sport! Yay!

Can anyone say 2012 Olympics?

yeah if yoyoing was in the olympics that would be awesom

YoYoing in the Olympics would ruin it…

samad is wright but it would still be cool i think

Well, I think it shouldn’t be an Olympic sport. It would be so out of place. But I do think it should be on T.V. I barely see anything as awesome as competitive yo-yoing every time I press my T.V’s ON button. :frowning:

yoyoing in the olympics would take away the magic of the sport.caus every one would get a yoyo and it would’nt be special anymore lol

if you’re playing yo-yo to feel special and different, then i’d have to argue that you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. love yoyoing because it’s awesome. love it when it’s huge and popular, and love it when people laugh at you cause you’re the last one left on your block who does it. love it when you get paid to do it on stage and love it when your friends will pay you to “STOP, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD”. no matter what people might tell you, you’d be no more special playing yo-yo on stage in the olympics than you are playing yo-yo in your room. and whether there’s another boom or no, it’ll still mean the same as it does now.

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It’s all about LOVE! I would love to see it added to The Warp Tour or something similar. Performing musicians don’t ruin music…they make it better! Same could be said for yoyoing.

i completely concur with the two of you. love it because its fun not because it makes you stand out. It being "popular"again might make it so yoyo evolves again, maybe motors or something in yoyos?? lol
just my 2 cents