Should yoyoing become an Olympic sport?

The title says it all. Have any of you guys ever thought about considering yoyoing an Olympic sport? Would there be any disadvantages if someone organised it? Should there be one only person representing a country or a team of maybe like 4? Share what you guys think. ;D

I don’t think it should. There have been a few threads about this, and I feel that the general answer was no. There would be so many obstacles. I say stick with the WYYC. They’ve gotten everything figured out.

Olympic? No.

X-games? Yes

I would love to see worlds and national on TV. They have bowling and billiards on TV. Bowling may be more a physical sport but billiards is your talent with hitting a ball with a cue and more mental then physical. So if billiards can make it on TV, I don’t see why yoyos can’t.

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One word: No

The question is, would you really want it to be?

I can think of a lot of other “sports” that should be in the Olympics.

Sure! Why not?

No… Worlds is fine.


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Do you really want yoyoing degraded to the point of curling? Not that there is anything wrong with curling it’s just the most laughed at.

Vote is a big NO!

Curling seems really fun IMO…

I’m so glad, if you like you can come over to my place and practice, my garage needs sweeping (brooming) ;D

Get your curling fix and let skitrz have a clean garage, kill two birds with one stone! :smiley:

Bowling is actually a fun sport. There’s way more to it than meets the eye: oil patterns, ball ratings, etc. It’s really fun to watch! I personally follow PBA pretty hardcore. I got bored one day, flipped channels, found bowling, fell in love.

But yoyoing in X Games is an interesting idea. I believe the action sports community is quite open-minded. When YYF went on your with Birdhouse, they got a pretty good reception. Although yoyoin isn’t an action sport, besides WYYC, the X Games is the best fit.

I propose the Y games…yoyoing, juggling…maybe other stuff like paddle-ball :slight_smile: :smiley:

Well I wasn’t trying to put them down as I do both those semi-pro. I have at times been in bowling comps and I’m a regular league member as well as ranked between 6 and 7th in APA billiards (7th behing highest before pro). I know theres a lot more to them but, just like there is a lot more to yoyoing then people give credit. Even poker is on espn (which I do tournaments for that to, read the thread on hobbies. Lol) I think it would be cool to at least watch wyyc on espn. 30 min show for 5 days, after editing, isn’t bad. I’d watch. Record. Then mimic them in my living room. Lol

Curling is really fun. Not that I’m a pro but I’ve done it a few times. Really, any game like that is fun, bocce, shuffleboard, whatever.

I still don’t know why it’s in the Olympics but oddly, I find myself watching a lot of it when the winters are on. I don’t follow it or anything, but if there’s a decent match happening it’s easy to get into because the rules are pretty simple, and one stone can mean the difference.