Yo-Yo things to do in the Bay Area


I am a beginner from Germany who spends the summer in the Bay Area. I am living in San Jose and plan to explore the area a little bit anyway. Are there any Yo-Yo things to do here, e.g. shops, meetings, or even factory visits (isn’t Anti-Yo based in SF?).
Any recommendations would be much appreciated!


You’ve already missed it this year but if you plan on coming back next year for summertime, there is a pretty big and well known contest called BAC (Bay Area Classic). Tons of companies come down for it and usually big players as well. Should be pretty fun, it’s around May.

Here’s the website: http://bayareaclassic.com/

I think 2Yo might be in the bay area.

There is a yoyo meeting this sunday at Santana Row shopping center in San Jose starting at 1:30 afternoon.

It will take plce outside of starbucks in the grassy area courtyard by the stage.

Come by if you are free!


who’s running that meet?

there is also the spindox club which meets on the third saturday of each month. email yoyopro AT rawbw DOT com and ask to be added to the mailing list.

Its the fellowship of the string yoyo club put on by Aamir Hasnat and Lucas Wang.
Im hosting it this time though, haha

You should come by bro!

Thanks Jayyo! I’ll be in Vegas for the long weekend so unfortunately I cannot make it this week. But I’d love to come the next time you meet!