Yo-Yo Suppliers in the UK

Hi Folks,

Can anyone recommend any good yo-yo websites for yo-yo’s and strings that is UK based (no offense to the U.S.)

I ordered my last purchase from: www.yoyoshop.co.uk/yoyo

No problems but wondered if there are any other sites out there that may offer a different range on strings?

Thanks, Jon.



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http://yoyoz.co.uk/  is a gd site


I find this a good store


THE Best site evar! Check out the forum aswell

Where in the UK are you??

best site in the UK by far! i get all my stuff from there! Richie the guy who runs it is really helpful! and its normally next day delivery if u order before 3pm!

yep its a gd site . richie has been yoyo’n years now .he is really helpful and all my stuff has come the next day as well:). i remember when his books first came out shows how old i am lol. im on the forum same username as on here …if your askin me wilba im from wales m8 … how bout you ?

Im from Portsmouth - Southampton Area, did you go to nats???

I kinda meant the other guuy but its nice to know where people are :slight_smile:

Erm, i checked out that yoyoz site, i have no idea if i spelt it right but oh well, and i check the special edititon splash hectic and it shows a picture of the black and red one but does not come up with it in the list, does that mean it is out of stock, if not can any one tell me any uk based sites to by a splash hectic from?

I’ve visited this site before. You’ll be happy with anything you get there.

Email Richie at sales@yoyoz.co.uk he’ll be able to tell u when hes gettin stuff back in! im always emailing him lol!

Im form Bolton (near manchester NW england) in reference to were r u fom question lol! good to see mor UK throwers on here!

oh cool thanks i will email him and also im from rugby!