Yo-yo Sticker Agenda! Need more stickers!

OK, so my agenda for school, also known as an assignment book, I always deck it out in stickers. In previous years I’ve put stickers that I’ve gotten from tests, and just from class in general, whenever I got a sticker in school, I’d slap it on there.

Well, this year, I decided not to do this. What I’m doing this year is yo-yo related stickers. So far I have a Yoyojoes sticker and a onedropyoyos.com sticker. I’ll take a picture sometime. What I want is to get stickers from as many yo-yo companies as possible. Even just stickers with yo-yos that don’t relate to companies at all! Any sticker yo-yo related.

Well, as you may have guessed, I can’t buy something from everywhere to get the stickers! So I need you guys’ help. If you could send me stickers, please PM me, and I’ll give you my address. I’ll post pictures of the assignment book every time I get new ones, so we’ll get to see how it grows.

So yeah, that’s it! You don’t have to send them, I don’t really care how long it takes. Also, if you don’t seem trustable I might not give you my address. So yup, send me stickers. Yeah.

You can also brainstorm other sticker themes for either the back of the Agenda or for next year. I haven’t thought of anything else yet.

Thanks, guys!


Ha I like this idea. I did it with my school laptop :stuck_out_tongue:

You might try contacting the companies. They might be able to hook you up on one or two.

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That’s a great idea… I think I’m gonna try that.

And glad that people support the idea!

hey you stole my idea!
i have yoyoexpert stickers all over my binder that i take to every class the new and the old

I’m sure lots of people have done it becasue I have euro-yo stickers all over my yoyocase and door at home.