Where did all these stickers come from?!

Didnt realize how many I had…

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I could take some of those off your hands :smiley: jk jk

I take it you get stickers if you buy from the manufacturers? I’ve only bought two or three yo-yos so far, and from independent retailers. I know in the automotive world, stickers come with every purchase over about $5.

The only stickers that came w/ purchases were the YYN and YYE ones.

thats pretty awesome.
also, where and when did you got that train wreck sticker?

Don’t remember exactly. Must’ve come with the Trainwreck when it first came out. I got someone to get it for me at a contest they were released at.

You forgot why you got all those stickers??
Remember? you were collecting it for me.
LOL I was just kidding. You got nice collection of sticker.

Where could i get some yoyo stickers!? ive been looking and i cant find any!!! >:(

I’m stockin up on my stickers. :slight_smile:

^^go to competitions with sponsors

i put mine on the side of my bed

I’m positive my wife wouldn’t be ok with that…


i dont have a wife cause im 13

Haha. Good call.

nice stickers love the yyf ones.