Yo-Yo Specs

I think that YYE should put the specs of the yo-yo on the little picture thing. Like, before you click on a specific yo-yo, there are pictures and names of all the company’s yo-yos, along with a little description of each. They should add the yo-yo’s specs (diameter, width, weight, and/or gap width) along with the description of the yo-yo. Also, it would be nice (but not really needed) to have a way to compare yo-yo sizes. Some yo-yo sites (that I cannot mention) have this feature.

The specs are typically on each product page. I would wish the specs would be more complete sometimes. Many times, gap is left out.

Well yes, I mean that the specs should ALSO be on the page consisting of all of a company’s yo-yos. And yes, I also wish that the specs would be more complete.