Yo-Yo SALE πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ price drops

Will miss all of these but have less and less time these days with the kid now…. So hoping to find these new homes… I take care of my stuff so everything is a great player here! Feel free to make offers/bundles! Under $50 please add 5$ for shipping

I have a feedback thread on this forum if you look up my name in search :slight_smile:

G2 respawn shark 50

One drop kraken 50

Yo-yo factory singularity 40

Yo-yo jam vexed 25

PDX yo Phidias 45

Exotic throw salamander 35

Topyo Nuit 30

Dunkin origami 2.0 30

C3 Bastet 2 special edition 55

Rain city gamer (scuffed) 25

Zeekio vali2 35

Huatian rotor 40

Yo-yo recreation almighty 60

Duncan yoshicuda x 50


Bump. Offers welcomed


Bump! Would love to bundle up some of the cheaper aluminums for a new yoyoer!

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Bump. Removed what sold! Accidentally deleted pic of G2 shark yo-yo lol but I have pics of you need em…

Everything sold will be out tomorrow!


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PM sent! Now worried I’m too late, and just not seeing the β€œthread closed” indicator….

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I’m interested in the gamer and the Phidias, I am newer trying to build my collection!!!

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interested in the kraken

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you still selling the vali2?