Yo-Yo Names

I’ve always thought Liopleurodon was a cool name for a yoyo, and fun to say. What yoyo names do you like?

More of mine:

-Galactic Goose
-Flying Squirrel
-Bumble Bee
-Wooly Marmot

I like El Ranchero, Puffin, Supernova, Hit-man, and I’m surprised no one had used Biohazard

The V.

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Any Transformer name seems like a great yo-yo name to me.

-Drop Bear
-Zygyny (I think I spelled that right. It’s by Oxygene)


Some I can think of off the top of my head.

-Bounty Hunter
-Del Toro
-Rev-1 Over Haul

I like most of the CLYW names, and pretty much all of the RecRev names. To be honest though, it really doesn’t matter to me whatsoever.

it doesn’t matter to me

Master Galaxy
community.one.drop.experiment (code)1&2
ILYY names those are very nice
same with CLYW
Yelets(interesting how the name was created)

Most YYR names. Stargazer and Sleipnir, especially.

Edit to add: now that I think about it, Turning Point throws all have awesome names too! Positron, Solenoid, Leviathan, Basilisk, etc.


The Werrd Poo was already mentioned. I’d also like to mention that it is a really stellar player. Wonderfully floaty and balances with stability very very well.

I’m one for all of the C3 names as well as many of the YYJ names.

Night Moves

to name some off the top of my head

Love the Majesty, KLR (Kaiser Lee Reed), Hazmat, Diamondback, MO-vitation, Bezerker, TOO MANNYYY

Nobody thought that the CZM84VK was a unique name?

I was impressed with what they did there, although I think just calling it the CZM8 or Czechmate would have been easier to understand. Took me a bit of googling to figure out what it stood for.

I know its been said, but IMO “Galactic Goose” is just the best name. Not only is it fun to say, but it’s just a silly, funny name that conjures up many funny images in ones imagination. =D


54 Baby!

Is it pronounced Re-extreme or

Any of the yoyo’s from Barely Legal.

Firmy, celestial, token, and others.

I always thought Big Brother names were cool, "Wedgie, Bully, Swirly, “ta-ta” twister, there’s a couple others that I can’t remember.

Madhouse hubstack system, the “Ta-Tas.”