Yo Yo Magazine........


Would you guys buy a yo yo magazine if one was available?




no doudt


Probably not. The internet sources are sufficient. That’s why those that existed died out. Print media in general is in trouble, even books.

(M²) #5

I agree, it would be hard to top the info you get from yoyoskills, not to mention my.yoyoskills, forums and more.


Was there a yo yo mag at one time?

(M²) #7

A few actually.


Anything recent?

Didn’t SaveDeth have a magazine?

(Raphael) #9

It would be interesting for a 6 month one or a year one…


Fiend magazine is the last one I recall. It’s been gone for probably 10 years and wasn’t around too long in any event. AYYA had a print newsletter they mailed to members, but I think even that went away a couple of years ago.

BTW - there is something called Fiend Magazine on the web now, but it is not even vaguely related.