Yo-yo life

What makes all you folks appreciate life through yoyo? Not to wax too philosophical on everybody, but for me the biggest lesson is that everything comes back around to where it started. No need to stress out too much about getting there.

Thanks to yoyoing I am closer to God then ever before. Yoyoing introduced me into a whole new group of friends who brought me to other friends who brought me to younglife who brought me to a church I love when life for me at the time was bleak, without yoyoing I may very well have killed myself.

I appreciate physics a whole lot more. I think it’s because of yoyos that I appreciate my physics course.

Relaxation through yoyoing has helped me keep my Promise to myself, to never Kill again.

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That’s awesome.

This for sure. And it’s just a lot of fun. Even though my family doesn’t appriciate it.

This is so true! I have been studying mechanical physics now, and I’m 13! Yoyoing has also helped my depression. In the winter, I would always think and philosophy my future, death, and the bitter silence. But, yoyoing has made me feel happy in the winter again, and I love the very community that comes with it!

It really brought out my creativity and helped me find a way to relax myself. Also, the amazing people I have met through yoyo-ing! :wink:

Yoyoing helps me relax and Ive met tons of nice people just from being part of the yoyo community

For me yoyoing is fun. I throw because I enjoy it. I’m not a tense person so it really doesn’t calm me down. Like sleight of hand and magic it gives me another way to entertain others and myself. In the past I was very active in choirs and plays. When I’m not involved in those things, I usually pick up a deck of cards or a yoyo. Yoyoing is another medium to express my love of performing.

Well, it got me interested in a college machining class, at 14.

It’s ok, but the ups and downs kinda get to me sometimes. :wink:

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Same here! Besides te killing myself part, and I was homeless until a month ago, so they kept me busy from June thru November!

Same dood. because I got into yoyoing I am now closer to my youth group friends, and when they ask me how I can yoyo so good I say a lot of practice and trusting in God. Remember Philippians 4:13 :wink: