yo yo companies

Just wondering, what is your favorite yo yo company

I like yoyofactory ;D


Eternal Throw ;D

Caribou Lodge every day.

One drop or C3

In a symbol:

(As in all)

Square wheels

one drop

C3 , TP , CLYW, OD

Duncan and yoyofactory i guess…

Anything but the dollar store stamped pieces of junk.

MonkeyfingeR Design, TEN Yoyo and Anti-Yo

gotta give props to YYF

  • they work hard for the community
  • they spread the word more than anyone else
  • they take a LOT of BS from that hate bandwagon and still do it
  • their throws NEVER disappoint, some of them are even classics by now

gotta give some love to Landon from 3yo3 too, real genuine artist and awesome dude (and he drives a rotary, which doesn’t hurt)

Obviously, Xcube, Xela bringing back french quality

Diamont Noir because Iskandar’s the man and this is a brand I’d love to see grow, Iskandar’s definitely deserving here

But the more time passes, the more I feel there’s a gap forming between US and the rest of the world. It’s fairly hard and expensive to import US throws in europe even to order from US stores if you’re from europe (Taxes, crazy shipping times) So I noticed I slowly grew apart the brands I really loved at first because europe is getting tons of new equipment from asia.

I used to be a big fan of OD but they’re hard to come by here and still fairly expensive compared to other stuff like C3 for example; a few shops carry US brands but the choice is usually more and more limited and if you like special editions, most of the time, you can’t find what you’re looking for unless you order from US directly, which means 3 weeks shipping time, probably $60+ taxes on arrival $30+ shipping (especially if you want it to get here a bit faster).

and US brands seem to have little interest in the european community, at the exception of a few.

I wish we could see more US throws in europe but I really feel there’s not much consideration from us europeans while asian brands are way more aggressive, especially due to patent limitations in US (I don’t think there’s any chinese yoyo that doesn’t come with a KK bearing, which would make them very difficult to sell in the US due to the patent on KK)

C3 and YYF

One Drop, Square Wheels, and YoYoFactory

Same here.