Yo yo Blog

Lets start a yo yo Blog!!!
What is a yo yo Blog??? Well A yo yo Blog is where a bunch of people talk about… YO YO’S!!!

Here are somethings to post about

-what yo yo You threw today??
-What new trick you learned??
-What yo yo’s are on your wish list???
-Or just some random comments about yo yos!!!

I will Get it started…

Today I threw my fast 201 witch right now is my only yo yo while I wait for my protostar to get fixed :-[
I want a ministar and a severe.
And… I’m learning wrist whip

I threw my Yoyofactory Tactic today. I am learning kamikaze. I wish I had any Gerneral-Yo :slight_smile:

I threw my DM, and Speeder today. I am learning a guy wright trick. And I’m waiting in the mail for a ministar, a protostar, 3 bearings, k-pads, hatpads, and a modfather FH2.

I threw a Hatrick. I am practicing my new tricks in order to be able to do them perfectly for the General-Yo video at the end of the month. I am eating chicken.

i threw a genesis g5 new breed and legacy. learned no tricks just practiced. sold my ds lite for 100 to get a 888x. was dissapointed because i have to wait a few days for my buyer to get the ds and then say he doesnt want to return it.

Why didn’t you just spend the money you got on Yoyoexpert? So you can trust them. :wink:

no he said he sold his DS he never said where he bout his yoyo

Today… I threw a Y-Factor!!! OMG
I learned a lot of new tricks today. YAY
I want another Y-Factor. YEAH
Lucky Charms is the best cereal ever. YAY

I’m playing with a Genesis, perfected my side style trick, and I want a Clash.

Played with my ILYY Void
Drove a little over 400 miles with my wife just to see the country side.
Ate some strawberries.
drooled over a green teflon coated ILYY Lio. then threw it because I couldn’t help my self.

Today I threw nothing :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

And I am getting very impatient of when My mini star comes

Threw my my Mini Mo-Tu today, and not really learning any tricks at the moment. Breaking in a bearing, too.

Only threw my ProtoStar today. Went way out of town really early today, and just got back. Didn’t really have time. Having company over in about an hour so, yeah. Not much playtime today. Was at a party yesterday… I’ll have some good throwing time tomorrow. Anyways… backon topic: Learning and perfecting some of my tricks.

DID I SAY YOU COULD EAT CHICKEN!!! I threw my m1 today and am working on a trick i just made up. Eating chips.

I am learning spirit bomb, plastic/ wrist whip, cold fusion, and kwijibo…

I am throwing a FAST Speed Dial and a Dark Magic…

I wish I could throw an 888x, big deal, loop 900, PGM

Got my mini star in.

Probably won’t sleep for days.



i bought a purple/w blue splash skyline and it is awsome
and i like brownies

Found out Spinworkx acknowledged my payment for my Hspin ICON XDDD
And… Threw my Protostar, found out its now slipping, and siliconing it. D: